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Then again I don't know you all.

November 7 2012 , Written by Jonfun Published on #beliefs, #God, #Chistianity, #life, #people, #differences, #equality

I'm sitting here letting myself get carried away in a conversation again about beliefes. On one side I'm sitting here listeng to http://twitter.com/BibleAlsoSays & http://twitter.com/Questions_Faith make me chase my tail in circles because I believe in God. I'm probably going to send this to them later so I can continue to embarasses myself & let them poke holes in my belief of God being a real people I interact with everyday.

In my imagination I can already see Bible Also Says sitting there typing away about how delusional everyone is with fantasy & how it all needs to go away.  I sometimes wonder what kind of childhood this person had, bland, boring?  Did he even play hide & seek?  Or were you born knowing your existence was to debunk the world views that are arcaic in your own view.  That's fine & jim dandy because there are people out there who want to live with those beliefs just as much you have yours.  Also, before you get to out of context quoting me I'm using the term arcaic because I'm pretty a noted person by the name of Bill Maher has used that term before describe people who believe in Chiristianity or any relgiion for that matter.  As for Questions_Faith I've just met this person & choking on bagel just because I send them a minute video on my beliefs kind gives me the impression I'm dealing with another person who wants to do the same thing I hear many atheiest continue to do.  Disprove God.  That's a losing battle, I tried it myself once & ended up coming full circle to where I can gladly & happily say he's got at all angles.  I know twitter has unfollow & block but that's not what being Christian is about.  Jesus Christ walked with all, I believe in his direct teachings & though I'm pretty certain you all are probably annoyed by me & sometimes you all get me a little rattled by the endless banter of the same general, useless, & trivial drivel that continues to keep going and going.

As for what "realm" I'm in Questions_Faith, this one when I want to be.  Think about that one lovely.


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