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Election year charades.

August 18 2012 , Written by Jonfun Published on #election, #opinons, #editorial, #politics, #2012, #joke

Normally I avoid the political spectrum during election years but this one is going to be a barn burner right down to the very end. With each puppet trying to explain why they better for the number one job in the United States.

Seriously, how much faker can it get? First it started out with what Mitt Romeny has or hasn't released. Sure Obama has released quite a bit of information that he says is important to the American people. I don't find it to play a factor for myself, it's possible that it may at some point but to me I'm already withdrawn to all the mudslinging nonsense. If you want my vote, do the job. Currently the guy in office to me hasn't doen't the job along with pathetic gaffs like, "You didn't build that". Doesn't make me feel like you even want to be President.

The current tactics of both campains appal me but why should I care? Well, I have to because voting one of the two into the most powerful office in the United States should matter. I've tried to explain it to people who don't vote as if you like decisions made for then don't vote. For some reason that doesn't translate over people at times. Why don't you understand? May be its not that they don't understand have become so apathetic to the retoric every four years that this cycle brings that politics have become nothing more than an act, just like court systems. We've evolved to be so high & mighty in our sham of court systems that people escape the deatlh penataly or crimes with plea deals. I highly recommend a firing squad because if the crime is high up on the hiearchy then you don't need to be on the planet anymore. Am I ranting? Yeah, probably am. I'm tired of the act. Tired of the system... tired of the so called life that's more of game than anything else. Next up next week, double standarnd & how you're blind to it.

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